John Carter Cash to Debut Dragon Song at Nashville Film Festival 50th Anniversary

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Multi-talented singer, songwriter, author, and award-winning record producer John Carter Cash has added filmmaking in his long list of accolades and accomplishments. His most recent film, Dragon Song, will premier on the 5th of October!

Cash commented about conceptualizing the film in a statement.

“I wrote the song ‘Dragon Song’ in 1991 at the age of 21. It is about the nature of human darkness. The short film of the same name, set in 1875, delves into the inner evils of man, the destruction of lustful drunkenness, and the hope and possibility of redemption.”

Dragon Song is a story based on the aftermath of the Civil War in Oregon and Tennessee. Survivors Lamberic White and Spiney Shamblins remain lost in the ongoing chaos of a living hell. Lamberic, enraged by Spiney’s drunken abuse of his wife Veronica, responds with grim measures, leading to a momentous consequence.

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