You Can Eat Like Johnny Cash — Thanks To A Cookbook From Country Music's First Family

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Music was an integral part of life in the home of country music stars Johnny Cash and June Carter — as was Southern cooking.

Recipes and stories from The Cash and Carter Family Cookbook, compiled by their son, award-winning record producer John Carter Cash, now give readers a chance to experience what it was like to sit at the dinner table of two music legends.

Carter Cash's cookbook includes everything from his mother June's tomato, red onion and avocado salad to his father Johnny's old iron-pot chili. It also includes recipes passed down by his grandmother, Maybelle Carter, otherwise known as the mother of modern country music.

The recipes, Carter Cash said, give a taste of both the diversity of cuisine the family ate when traveling on the road and the Southern comfort food that his father grew up eating. Much of the food — biscuits and gravy, baloney and eggs, and a dish called a "Cash Burger" — is hearty and homey.

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