The Family Secret
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"The Family Secret"

"★★★" Rolling Stone

If John Cash could turn Nine Inch Nail's "Hurt" into a folk-guitar prayer, then why shouldn't his son remake Blue Oyster Cult's heavy-rocking
"Godzilla" as a Tori Amos-style piano ballad? On the follow-up to the tradition-minded album he made with the Carter Family III, 40-year-old
John Carter Cash almost totally abandons his blood roots here, with evident glee.  Throughout The Family Secret, there are echoes of Led
Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, even Metallica (check out the ax gymnastics on "Shadows Cross the Seine" and "Uncle Sam is Dead"). If you're
looking for serious family secrets, read his half sister Rosanne's new memoir: The title track here is actually a noisy, Cramps-type rocker
about a werewolf coming to terms with his bloodthirstiness.  

Will Hermes, Rolling Stone Magazine, November 26, 2010

“...this album is truly spectacular... Quite simply, this is something totally different.”

Adam Sheets - No Depression Magazine
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Finally, in a music world where things seem to only fit more closely into genre specific boxes, comes the album No Depression calls “…like nothing else out there… truly spectacular.”  John Carter Cash’s CD “The Family Secret” oversteps these boundaries so firmly in place and follows only one rule: the rule of the heart.  This album covers new ground, blending various styles and influence. The music is diverse, yet clearly defined by John Carter’s inimitable style and writing.  There are elements of hard rock here, just as evidentially heard as those of traditional country music and folk.  “The Family Secret” mainly showcases John Carter as a writer, showing depth and intrigue, from the dark and searching “Cab Casket” to the rumpus and fun title song, the listener is taken for a journey they will not forget. “No One Gets Out of Here Alive” is a soul searching prayer, while “Killarney”, an eight minute Irish folk ballad, tells a tale of lost love, tragedy and finally hope.  John Carter also covers a few of his long time favorites, including Louden Wainwright III’s “Swimming Song” and the Tom Paxton classic “The Last Thing on my Mind.”
John Carter also works as a music producer, and has been a producer on five Grammy winning records. He began this walk with his mother June Carter Cash on her CD, Press On, which won a Grammy in 1999, then went on to work under Rick Rubin as Associate Producer on his father Johnny Cash s Grammy winning records American III: Solitary Man and American IV: The Man Comes Around, the latter receiving three CMA awards. He also produced his mother s record Wildwood Flower, which won a Grammy for Best Traditional Folk album in 2003. His 2004 production Unbroken Circle: The Musical Heritage of the Carter Family, received three Grammy nominations. John Carter is Co-Producer on the Marty Stuart CD, Badlands. "The Voice of the Spirit, the Gospel of the South" released in April of 2006 has received critical regard and acclaim. He produced the Peasall Sisters CD, Home to You. John Cater has produced material for Loretta Lynn, Sherly Crow, Miranda Lambert, Josh Turner, Brooks & Dunn, Laura Cash, Elvis Costello, Wylie and the Wild West, George Jones, Mavis Staples, Lynda Carter, The Mighty Clouds of Joy, John Randal and Jessi Alexander, Norman and Nancy Blake, Tim O' Brien, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Kris Kristofferson, Emmylou Harris, Willie Nelson, Rosanne Cash, John Cowan, Rodney Crowell, Vince Gill, Tony Rice, and John Prine.
John Carter often plays music with his wife Laura Cash, who is an accomplished fiddle player and vocalist.  John Carter and Laura along with cousin Dale Jett make up the musical group The Carter Family III. Their CD “Past and Present” is available also.


Undeniably one America’s greatest areas of music heritage is a small quadrant of Southwest Virginia just north over the state line from Kingsport, TN.  From here, at the foot of the great Clinch Mountain in Maces Springs, came the original Carter Family.

The Carter Family III
carries on the tradition.  The sound is richly steeped with the musical heritage of Dale Jett and John Carter Cash’s ancestors.

A.P. Carter and Sarah Carter’s grandson
Dale Jett has been making music his whole life long.  His voice echoes with the same timber and quality of his grandparents, true and strong.  Dale’s Autoharp rings with a beauty and clarity that echoes with the tone his grandmother Sarah made with hers.

Maybelle Carter’s grandson
John Carter Cash, more often a music producer than performer, likewise clings tightly to family tradition.  His style, uniquely his own, remains deeply rooted in his family’s music.

Now Dale and John Carter join with John Carter’s wife
Laura Cash to form theCarter Family III, the third generation of the Carter Family.  Laura is a champion fiddler and accomplished singer, her heart tightly connected to the music of the Original Carter Family.

Past and Present
, the new CD, is a collection of songs from the heart.  There is new music within, composed by Dale and John Carter, as well as some songs from the family catalog, and others chosen for the project because of strong heart’s connection and meaning.
Come join and listen to the sounds of the
Carter Family III. A unique sound? Most certainly. But forever connected with the bonds of love both to the Appalachian music of the Carter Family and to the roots of our heritage.


The music inspired by Lupus Rex is meant to be a listening experience, front to back. And though individual song files may be purchased, I recommend it be listened to in its entirety for full enjoyment.

Tim O’Brien
Damon Fielder
Bill Miller
Ronnie Bowman
Sarah Peasall
George Daeger
Dave Daeger
Natalie Aulvin
Shane Ownby
Ashley Merrill
Tony Harrell
Ken Coomer
Mark Howard
Byron House
Matt Combs
Charlie Chadwick
…and John Carter Cash

Produced by John Carter Cash
Engineered and Mixed by Chuck Turner
Second Engineer, Trey Call
Recorded and mixed at the Cash Cabin Studio, Hendersonville Tennessee.