Featuring Dale Jett, John Carter Cash & Laura Cash

New CD "Past & Present"

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Carter Family III Past and Present

Undeniably one America’s greatest areas of music heritage is a small quadrant of Southwest Virginia just north over the state line from Kingsport, TN. From here, at the foot of the great Clinch Mountain in Maces Springs, came the original Carter Family.

The Carter Family III carries on the tradition. The sound is richly steeped with the musical heritage of Dale Jett and John Carter Cash’s ancestors.

A.P. Carter and Sarah Carter’s grandson Dale Jett has been making music his whole life long. His voice echoes with the same timber and quality of his grandparents, true and strong. Dale’s Autoharp rings with a beauty and clarity that echoes with the tone his grandmother Sarah made with hers.

Maybelle Carter’s grandson John Carter Cash, more often a music producer than performer, likewise clings tightly to family tradition. His style, uniquely his own, remains deeply rooted in his family’s music.

Now Dale and John Carter join with John Carter’s wife Laura Cash to form the Carter Family III, the third generation of the Carter Family. Laura is a champion fiddler and accomplished singer, her heart tightly connected to the music of the Original Carter Family.

Past and Present, the new CD, is a collection of songs from the heart. There is new music within, composed by Dale and John Carter, as well as some songs from the family catalog, and others chosen for the project because of strong heart’s connection and meaning.

Come join and listen to the sounds of the Carter Family III. A unique sound? Most certainly. But forever connected with the bonds of love both to the Appalachian music of the Carter Family and to the roots of our heritage.

“This album is a great traditional country album…” -
No Depression

“The Carter Family III's Past & Present (Cash House Records) is a Cash/Carter fans dream come true with it's  strong, heartfelt feel, and an excellent repertoire.”  The Planet Weekly

“...the Carter Family III maintains that old-time, acoustic country spirit, providing an alternative to modern electro-pop country, and calming our heart rate to a normal pace.”