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We Must Believe In Magic

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We Must Believe In Magic

I remember believing in MAGIC.

I recall the wind in itself being alive and with a voice… It smelled awake, purposeful and speaking in a resounding tongue I perfectly understood. All was vast,
open, dazzling and wondrous. I believe this to be the truth of the world. And now? It is not the MAGIC that has altered but discernment… The way we breathe the world in, the way our eyes cut to the obvious flash, instead of opening to see the authentic reality.

It is not that we have to make MAGIC, create it as a sorcerer or a miracle maker… It is alive and very real. It is that we must BELIEVE IN MAGIC. It is not the truth that changes, it is that we move ourselves out of the grasp of the MAGIC… It is the awakening to the substance unseen which will allow us to once again remember. And to remember, we realize firstly it is not the truth that changes, but that we have moved ourselves out of the grasp of the MAGIC…

And now hope is just alive as the MAGIC itself. Infinitesimal faith is as powerful as a mountain, like the life within a seed, every fiber of our bodies beat with the cells of a thousand generations to come, and within is a steady, untangled line from the very beginning.

This is our power to claim, this is our MAGIC.

No matter our path, the MAGIC is inside us all. And though it may be forgotten, it can be remembered once again… It is only up to us to do one single thing, and do it purely…





Dragon Song Official Trailer

Written and Produced by John Carter Cash

Directed by David McClister


John Carter Cash -- Sheriff Lamberic White

Eric Hamilton -- Spiney Shamblings

Joseph Cash -- Deputy Abel Cross, Young John Carter Cash

Ana Cristina Cash -- Veronica Shamblings, Waitress

Trey Call -- Deputy Dicky Joe Wood

Damon Fielder -- Deputy Earnest Wood

And Jamey Johnson as The Reverend William Miller

Producer April Kimbrell

Edited by Chris St. Croix

Sound Editing Chuck Turner

Original Music by John Carter Cash, Bill Miller and Justin Johnson

Filmed on location in the badlands of Oregon, and in Nashville and Murfreesboro, Tennessee





John Carter Cash

Husband of entertainer and songwriter Ana Cristina Cash
Father of Grace June Cash, Anna Maybelle Cash, Joseph John Cash, and Jack Ezra Cash.
Owner of Cash Cabin Enterprises, LLC and the Cash Cabin Studio near Nashville, in Hendersonville, Tennessee.

John Carter Cash, having been involved in music all his life, is an accomplished and award-winning record producer. However, his activities in the creative world reach far beyond just music production. He is also a singer-songwriter and author. The grandson of Maybelle Carter and the only son from the marriage of John R Cash and June Carter Cash, he preserves the family legacy and is a caretaker to the heritage of his musical ancestors.

  • “...this album is truly spectacular...
    Quite simply, this is something totally different.”
  • If John Cash could turn Nine Inch Nail's "Hurt" into a folk-guitar prayer, then why shouldn't his son remake Blue Oyster Cult's heavy-rocking "Godzilla" as a Tori Amos-style piano ballad?
    Will Hermes - Rolling Stone Magazine


    1 Novel
    2 Biographies
    1 Cookbook
    3 Children's Books

    The Cash and Carter Family Cookbook: Recipes and Recollections from Johnny and June's Table

    In The Cash and Carter Family Cookbook, John Carter Cash shares the stories and recipes that flowed from his family's dinner table.

    Forever Words: The Unknown Poems

    A collection of never-before-published poems by Johnny Cash, edited and introduced by Pulitzer-prize winning poet Paul Muldoon with a foreword by John Carter Cash. Illustrated with facsimile reproductions of Cash's own handwritten pages.

    Lupus Rex

    An astonishing new tale for children from John Carter Cash in the tradition of Watership Down, The Rats of Nimh, Redwall and Duncton Wood.

    House of Cash

    House of Cash: The Legacies of my Father, Johnny Cash

    Anchored In Love

    A heartfelt narrative of his mother's life that nicely combines biography, autobiography and inspirational guidebook into a fitting tribute to a woman whose life and career embodied modern country music.

    Momma Loves Her Little Son

    John Carter Cash creates a lyrical painting based on the intimate words his mother, June Carter Cash, shared with him as a child.

    Daddy Loves His Little Girl

    John Carter Cash flies readers to magical castles by the sea as one little girl shares an adventure with her daddy by her side.

    the cat in the rhinestone suit

    This rollicking read-aloud is a fun-loving story of friendship and forgiveness, with characters as colorful and sparkly as a rhinestone suit!

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    6 Grammy Awards
    7 Grammy Nominations

    Loretta Lynn

    Co-Producer - Full Circle
    Grammy Nominated
    "Best Country Album" 2016
    Co-Prodcuer - White Christmas Blue

    Johnny Cash

    Associate Producer - American III
    “Grammy” Best Male Country Vocal
    Associate Producer - American IV
    “Grammy” Best Male Country Vocal
    Associate Producer - American V
    Co-Producer - Out Among The Stars

    June carter Cash

    Co-Producer -Press On
    “Grammy” Award, Best traditional folk album.
    Producer - Wildwood Flower
    “Grammy” Award, Best traditional folk album
    “Grammy” Award, Best female country vocal performance


    Recording Studio
    Hendersonville, TN
    The Cash Cabin Studio

    Johnny Cash built the original cabin in 1978. It was then, as it is now, a place to find solace and make music. However, the idea of it being a studio did not arrive for some years. In 1993, while in production for the first of AMERICAN RECORDINGS projects, produced by Rick Rubin, Johnny had recording gear installed. Since then, the CASH CABIN STUDIO has hosted hundreds of artists and within its walls, thousands of songs have been recorded.