John Carter Cash and Johnny Cash on Stage

A Conversation About Humility With John Carter Cash

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“From the crack of dawn until the setting sun

I’m gonna break my back like my daddy done

And teach my children, fist and bone

Blood and kin take care of their own”

From “Rise Up!” by The Cash Collective

What’s up Hardcore Humans! Welcome to another episode of The Hardcore Humanism Podcast. In this episode, we are thrilled to be talking with John Carter Cash.

John is music royalty – the only child of the legendary Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash. John himself has worked for years as a music producer and has his own band, The Cash Collective, which recently put out a new album in 2020 called Hey Crow!

Now for many of us, one of the first places from which we draw a sense of who we are as people is from our family. For example, one study of 237 female high school students examined the relationship between several aspects of family functioning and participants’ self-esteem. Several measures of family functioning, including higher family cohesion and expressiveness, were associated with higher levels of self-esteem.

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